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February 25, 2013
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Nervous flyer or calm? Nervous!

In-flight drink of choice: White wine or beer.

One place everyone should go: Port Antonio, Jamaica. It's one of those great resort towns of the past and was popular among the elite in the 1940s, so there are lots old hotels and over the top "mansions" that are run down, but you just know they used to be something special in their heyday. I really love the almost vintage, tropical vibes of the place. You really do feel like you've stepped back in time when you visit. 

Where to stay in Port Antonio? You should really rent a house if you go with a group. Most houses actually come with a chef and housekeeper, who end up making everything extremely easy. I’ve stayed at the rental home Avalon and it was amazing.

What about hotels there? I like Geejam, which is a collection of small luxury "huts" perched on the hillside overlooking the sea and there's also a recording studio on site. I was there for NYE a few years ago, and the local mento music group, Jolly Boys gave us a private voodoo performance in the Bush Bar. Weird and wild stuff!  

Other Port Antonio tips: I'd suggest visiting Long Bay and Winnifred Beach if you go to Port Antonio. Everyone will tell you to see the famous Blue Lagoon, but it's not that exciting. 

Meal you would travel for: I'd have to say the jerk lobster and lobster pizza at Jack Sprat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. I think about the lobster dishes there on a regular basis. 

In-city escape: In the summer, I like to hop on the East River Ferry in Greenpoint and take it to Governor's Island. If you go on a day when there is not a concert or event, it's nice and quiet, and you can walk around the lawns and chill by the water. Last summer, I used to go to the bottom end of the island to the hammock grove (you have to be stealth to get a hammock) and drink out of fresh coconuts from the rasta who has a juice bar there. After you drink the coconut, you can take it back to him and he'll cut it open so you can eat the fruit. 

Other summer escapes we should be planning now: It's a bit of a drive from the city (about four hours), but I really love going to Lewes Beach in Delaware. It's a small, historic fishing town that sits on the cusp of the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. 


For more from Jen, including her detailed recommendations on Lewes Beach, check out Part 2 of her interview here. 



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